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Your Certificate of Training is valid for up to ________ year(s)?
When a driver leaves the truck, the dangerous goods shipping document must be left in the glove compartment?
There are ________ Divisions in Class 4?
Who is responsible to supply the 24-hour emergency contact number that must appear on every dangerous goods shipping document?
In addition to a label, what information about the contents must appear on a small container containing dangerous goods?
Fill in the blanks:

Chlorine is a ______ gas.
It is transported as Class ______, Division ______.
Subsidiary Class is ______.
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The Shipping Name must always be listed before the UN Number on a dangerous goods shipping document?
The background colour of the "Dangerous When Wet" placard is:
A spill of 26 litres of a Toxic Substance (Class 6.1) in a residential area is a Reportable Incident to the local police or provincial authority?
What is the difference between the label for a Flammable Liquid and the label for a Flammable Gas?
Dangerous Goods can be listed on the same shipping document as non-dangerous goods.
Whose responsibility is it to replace safety marks that are damaged or lost during transport?
Can the “DANGER” placard be used for a mixed load containing Flammable Liquids (Class 3) and Corrosive Liquids (Class 8) when the weight of each of the dangerous goods is 310 kg?
To indicate that the container you are transporting has been emptied of dangerous goods but still contains harmful residues, what words must appear on your copy of the shipping document?
Packing Group III indicates Great Danger
The special document which accompanies a shipment of dangerous waste is called a:
In which Schedule would you find an alphabetical list of Dangerous Goods?
Who must decide if an employee has received adequate training in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods?
A Transportation of Dangerous Goods label is not required if a container has the proper WHMIS label and the dangerous goods are being transported in a pick-up truck.
A "Large Means of Containment" refers to a container that holds less than 450L?
he fuel used to power a vehicle is exempt from the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.
A Dangerous Goods Inspector has the authority to search your shipment, seize the shipment, take samples for testing and make copies of your documentation.
TDG Inspectors commonly issue tickets for failing to:
In Alberta, what is the maximum jail time for subsequent TDG offences?
Class 1 has how many Compatibility Groups?