Orientation Quiz

Which of the following are considered critical tasks at Newforce Energy Services Ltd. (check all that apply)

In Alberta a highway is any place that you can drive a motorized vehicle, public, or private that the public has access to.

Which of the following are worker's responsibilities, obligations and expectations? (check all that apply)

What types of concerns need to be reported? (circle one)

Pick the best way to report an incident: (circle one)

You must complete a WCB workers report form for any work related injury or illness requiring medical aid.

A hard hat is required if there is a danger to the workers head and side-impact hard hats are required when there is a danger of lateral-impact to the head.

When is PPE required? (check all that apply)

Which of the following are examples of hazard controls? (check all that apply)

When using a metal cut off saw or grinding you don't have to use a face shield if you have safety glasses on.