Acceptance of Newforce Rules

Welcome to your Acceptance of Newforce Rules

Familiarization of the above categories has been completed to the satisfaction of the Newforce Energy Services’ supervisor and has been acknowledged by the new employee/contractor. The following question is intended to better provide you with work that meets your physical abilities and to reduce the potential of your being placed in a situation where you could further injure a pre – existing condition: * Do you have any physical or health restrictions that will prevent you from completing the task you have been hired to perform on behalf of Newforce Energy Services?


General Safety Rules
All Newforce Energy Services Ltd. employees or contractors working directly under Newforce Energy Services Ltd. are required to obey the following General Safety Rules as a minimum standard of conduct:

  1. All employees need to be orientated on the first day of employment
  2. Employees and contractors MUST report for work in a Fit-For-Duty condition
  3. All employees must follow the Newforce Energy Services Ltd. Health and Safety Program, the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation, and Code and all other legislation that applies to the work performed by the company.
  4. Hazard assessments need to be performed for all jobsites before work begins and at regular intervals or if the scope of work changes.
  5. All employees will wear the necessary PPE as required in the Hazard Assessment
    • CSA Approved Safety Boots: At all times on the work sites
    • CSA Approved Visible Safety Vest: Available at all times and worn as required
    • CSA Approved Safety Glasses: Available at all times and worn as required
    • CSA Approved Hard Hats: At all times on the work sites
    Note: Any changes to mandatory PPE must be addressed on a hazard assessment and approved by the site supervisor
  6. Face shields need to be worn to protect the worker's face when, metal chipping, welding, and grinding
  7. Safety glasses MUST be worn when there is a danger or a potential danger of an injury to the eye(s)
  8. Accidents/incidents that cause injuries, or "near misses", regardless of their nature, need to be immediately reported to the supervisor and/or to the safety department
  9. All PPE must be inspected on a regular basis according to the manufacturer's specifications
  10. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. "STRIKE ANYWHERE" matches are prohibited
  11. Hand tools are to be used for the purpose that they are intended. All damaged or worn tools must be tagged, repaired and/or replaced
  12. Only authorized personnel shall operate power tools, with guards furnished by the manufacturer "in place"
  13. Electrical hand tools and equipment MUST be grounded or double insulated if required by the tool manufacturer
  14. Defective tools will be tagged and sent for repair. The tag needs to include the date, and the reason for repair
  15. Explosive/power actuated tools MUST be secured according to the manufacturer's specifications
  16. Possession or use of intoxicating beverages or unauthorized drugs while on the job is strictly forbidden. Any violation of this rule will be dealt with immediately and may result in disciplinary action, including termination
  17. Only persons who have been deemed to be competent by the supervisor and hold the appropriate operating certificates/permits may operate Powered Mobile Equipment
  18. Employees who have expired operating certification/permits cannot be deemed competent
  19. Only persons who have approval/permission from a supervisor or manager will be permitted to use or operate company equipment
  20. Powered Mobile Equipment cannot be used for any purpose other than that described in the manufacturer's instructions manual
  21. Welding, Oxy-Acetylene cutting/burning can only be performed by a worker(s) who have been deemed competent and have permission to use this equipment
  22. All Newforce Energy Services Ltd. worksites require workers to be clean shaven - no beards

Mandatory Requirements

  1. All incidents that result in injury and/or damage MUST be reported to the supervisor immediately
  2. First aid treatement is to be obtained promptly for all injuries that require this service
  3. All work shall be carried out in accordance with appropriate safe work practices and procedures
  4. Every worker needs to keep their work area clean, neat and orderly; this includes the cab of powered mobile equipment
  5. Work site rules MUST be followed at all times when operating powered mobile equipment. Remember tthat worksite roads are deemed to be a highway, therefore all Alberta Highway Traffic laws will apply
  6. Every Newforce Energy Services Ltd. employee and/or contractors working directly for Newforce Energy Services Ltd. MUST refuse to do unsafe work
  7. Only employees who hold a valid Alberta Driver's License or equipvalent will be permitted to operate Powered Mobile Equipment


The following are prohibited - each case will be investigated on a case-by-case basis and disciplinary measures may result up to and including termination:

  1. Possession and/or consumption of illegal drugs during work hours.
  2. Prescription medication tha talters or has the potential to alter a person's state of mind MUST be disclosed to the supervisor and/or safety department prior to starting work.
  3. Personal possession or consumption of alcohol during working hours
  4. Possession of any prohibited weapons
  5. Fighting, horseplay, practical jokes, harassment of a co-worker (sexual, physical and/or psychological)
  6. Theft, vandalism, abuse or misuse of company property
  7. Damaging, disabling, or interfereing with safety, firefighting or first aid equipment
  8. Arriving for work or remaining at work when the ability to perform the job safey is impaiired. This includes, but is not limited to, drugs, alcohol and fatigue.

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